A517GrQ steel plate standard, A517GrQ steel plate introduction


1. Introduction of A517GrQ steel plate

A517GrQ is a special steel plate for ships and marine equipment, and the implementation standard of A517GrQ steel plate is the special technical condition of WYJ Wugang.

A517GrQ belongs to the leg pile steel plate of the marine jack-up test platform

At the same time, A517GrQ steel plates are also widely used in marine engineering, such as leg piles, sea-crossing bridge structures, marine equipment, offshore platforms, derricks, port machinery, etc.

A517GrQ steel plate performance index description

A517GrQ steel plate itself has high strength, high toughness, fatigue resistance, impact resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, welding and easy processing and other high-quality properties

A517GrQ steel plate from 2016 to January 2022, Wugang’s internal data shows that the average annual shipment of A517GrQ steel plate is about 150,000 tons, and the use of A517GrQ steel plate is still increasing at an annual rate of 6%.

The reason why A517GrQ steel plate is widely used in the manufacturing industry is that A517GrQ steel plate itself has a variety of high-quality properties, and the high-quality performance in the process of use is also unanimously loved and recognized by the manufacturing industry. With the continuous optimization and upgrading of users and manufacturers, A517GrQ steel plate has gradually become one of the commonly used steel plate grades in China.

2. Introduction of delivery status of A517GrQ steel plate

A517GrQ steel plate is delivered in normalized + tempered state by default, and can be delivered in a quenched and tempered state according to different needs

A517GrQ steel plate thickness flaw detection can be done ’1 detection, 2 detection, 3 detection’

A517GrQ steel plate thickness extension can do ‘z15, z25, z35′

Three, A517GrQ steel plate size introduction




It can be negotiated with them for cutting or fixing according to the drawings


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