How to view the current Chinese steel?

China produces 1 billion tons of steel a year, 53% of the world’s total, which means the rest of the world combined produces less steel than China. Steel is an important industrial raw material. We need steel to build houses, cars, high-speed trains and Bridges. In 2019, the Chinese Navy commissioned 34 warships of 240,000 tons, adding more naval vessels than the entire fleet of medium-sized countries, backed by strong steel industry capacity. Iron is the backbone of modern society, so to speak, without iron there would be no modern civilization, the world’s annual consumption of metal, iron accounted for 95%.
Ancient Chinese iron making technology is very high, now the National Museum of China still has the iron halberd of the Western Han Dynasty, more than 2,000 years ago, is still very beautiful.
In 1949, China’s annual steel output was only 160,000 tons, accounting for only 0.2% in the world. In 2009, China’s annual steel output reached 500 million tons, accounting for 38% of the world, and the annual output jumped to the first place in the world. It took 60 years for China’s steel industry to go from being a basket case to the world’s largest by output. I believe that the Chinese iron and steel industry can write five million words on how to endure hardships and never give up in these 60 years. By 2019, China produced 1.34 billion tons of crude steel, accounting for 53 percent of the global total. Even the rest of the world combined produces less steel than China.
The rest of the world produces about 100 million tons of steel a year in India and Japan, 80 million tons in the United States, 70 million tons in South Korea and Russia, only 40 million tons in Germany and 15 million tons in France. When it comes to steel production, China is so obsessed with production The future is long, Chinese iron and steel industry will continue to search.
The following chart shows global crude steel production in 2019:


Post time: Sep-29-2021