• Lead Roll

    Lead Roll

    It has strong corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, acid-resistant environment construction, medical radiation protection, X-ray, CT room radiation protection, aggravation, sound insulation and many other aspects, and it is a relatively cheap radiation protection material. The common thi
  • Aluminum Rod

    Aluminum Rod

    Application range: energy transfer tools (such as: car luggage racks, doors, windows, car bodies, heat fins, compartment shells). Features: medium strength, good corrosion resistance, good welding performance, good process performance (easy to be extruded), good oxidation and coloring performance.
  • Lead Plate

    Lead Plate

    The lead plate needs to be 4 to 5 mm thick to protect against radiation. The main component of lead plate is lead, its ratio is heavy, density is high
  • Carbon Steel Rod

    Carbon Steel Rod

    Grade:201,202,304,309,310,310S,316,316L,410, 420,430,904L Size: Round pipe OD:3-1219mm, Thickness: 0.1-60mm Square pipe Width:7×7 -150×150mm, Thickness:0.4~8.0mm Rectangular pipe Width:10×20 - 110×150, Thickness:0.4~10mm Regular length 6m,ca as your request customize
  • Tool Steel

    Tool Steel

    Tool steel is used to manufacture cold punching die, hot forging die, die casting die and other types of steel.Mould is the main tool for manufacturing parts in the industrial sectors such as machinery manufacturing, radio instruments, motors and electric appliances.