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Carbon steel plate, carbon steel sheet, carbon steel coil Carbon steel is a steel with carbon content up to 2.1% by weight. Cold rolling Carbon steel plate thickness below 0.2-3mm, hot rolling Carbon plate thickness 4mm up to 115mm

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Carbon steel plate, carbon steel sheet, carbon steel coil

Carbon steel is a steel with carbon content up to 2.1% by weight. Cold rolling Carbon steel plate thickness below 0.2-3mm, hot rolling Carbon plate thickness 4mm up to 115mm


A36 D36 A32 D32,



40Cr,12CrMo, 15CrMo, 25CrMo, 30CrMo, 35CrMo,42CrMo, 20Mn2, 30Mn2,35Mn2,40Mn2, 45Mn2, 50Mn2. 15Cr,20Cr, 30Cr, 35Cr, 45Cr.....

Used in engineering structure and ordinary mechanical parts, building structure of rebar, shape steel, rebar, etc

Non-alloy steels used to make important mechanical parts generally used after heat treatment,

Engineering structures and mechanical parts.

Knifes, ship, container, tank etc.



General carbon steel plate


Low alloy steel plate


Bridge plate

Q235qc、Q235qd、Q345qC、Q345qD、Q345qE、Q370qC、Q370qD、Q370qE、Q420qC、Q420qD、Q420qE; 16Mnq、14MnNbq

Container plate


High construction steel plate

q235gjb、q235gjc、q235gjd、q235gje、q345gjb、q345gjc、  q345gjd、q460gjc、q460gjd、q460gje

High-strength steel plate


Ship steel plate

CCS/ABS/GL/BV/DNV/KDK/LR ,A、B、D、E、A32、D32、E32、  F32、A36、D36、E36、F36、A40、D40、E40、F40; 

Low temperature resistant steel plate

Q235C Q235D Q235E Q345C、Q345D、Q345E、16MnC、16MnD、16MnE

Steel plate for boiler


High quality carbon steel plate


Alloy steel plate


Low alloy high strength plate


Common size(mm)


Plate:25/30/40/60 ect

Coil:4/6/10/12/18 ect


Plate: 2000/2200




Coil: customized


1. Alloy steel plate

Application: The first type of alloy structural steel is used to make various machine parts and engineering components. This steel has just right hardenability, so many of them are used to make parts of instruments with relatively large cross-sectional areas. The second type is alloy tool steel. As can be seen from the name, this type of steel is mainly used to make some tools, such as measuring tools, hot and cold molds, knives, etc. This type of steel has good wear resistance and toughness. . The third type is special performance steel, which has some special myocardial infarction, so the manufactured items have special properties, such as heat-resistant steel and wear-resistant steel, which can meet some special requirements in production.

2. High-strength steel plate
Application: High-strength steel has a wide range of applications. One of the key areas is the application on the car body. In order to improve the load-bearing quality of automobiles, reduce automobile manufacturing costs, and reduce fuel consumption, high-strength steel plates are increasingly used in automobile manufacturing at home and abroad. The more, and the manufacturing process of frame parts has greatly changed compared with the original mass production process. It is mainly used to manufacture structural parts such as automobile beams, beams, transmission shafts and car chassis parts, which can reduce the weight of the parts. The work hardening (or strain hardening) rate is higher than that of ordinary steel plates and can absorb more impact energy. Therefore, it is used in the front and rear longitudinal beams of the underframe and the parts that require high strength and durability to improve the safety of automobiles. Used for body exterior parts, in addition to reducing the thickness of the parts, due to the bake hardening, after the paint is baked, the surface hardness of the parts can be increased, and the anti-sag performance of the outer surface parts can be improved. National key projects must design and apply low-alloy high-strength steel plates and high-rise building structural steel plates, such as offshore platform structures, Olympic venues, CCTV new site structures, Shanghai World Expo, dams, power stations, and high-rise buildings.

3 Application of marine steel plate

Prevent the hull of the hull from being corroded by sea water chemical corrosion, electrochemical corrosion, marine organisms and microorganisms. It is used to manufacture steel plates for the hull and deck of ocean-going, coastal and inland navigation ships.

4 Application of container board

It is used as a pressure vessel, and the material of the vessel plate should be different according to the purpose, temperature and corrosion resistance.

Mainly used in the manufacture of petroleum, chemical, gas separation, storage and transportation containers or other similar equipment, such as various tower containers, heat exchangers, storage tanks and tank cars.

It is widely used in petroleum, chemical, power station, boiler and other industries.

Used to make reactors, heat exchangers, separators, spherical tanks, oil and gas tanks, liquefied gas tanks, nuclear reactor pressure shells, boiler drums, liquefied oil and gas cylinders, high-pressure water pipes of hydropower stations, turbine volutes and other equipment and components.

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SA 516 steel plate 4


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