How to remove rust from seamless steel pipes?

In the process of using seamless steel pipes, attention should be paid to maintenance work and regular anti-corrosion treatment. Generally, the most important thing to deal with is rust removal. The following editor will introduce the rust removal method of seamless steel pipe in detail.

1. Pipe rust removal

Pipe surfaces should be cleaned of grease, ash, rust and scale prior to priming. The quality standard of sand blasting and rust removal reaches Sa2.5 level.

2. After derusting the surface of the pipe, apply primer, and the time interval should not exceed 8 hours. When primer is applied, the base surface should be dry. The primer should be brushed evenly and fully, without condensation or blistering, and the ends of the pipe should not be brushed within the range of 150-250mm.

3. After the primer surface is dry, apply topcoat and wrap it with glass cloth. The time interval between the primer and the first topcoat should not exceed 24 hours.

Post time: Jul-20-2022