Talking about weathering steel!

Weathering steel may be an unfamiliar word to ordinary people, but it is widely used in industrial production, and weathering steel is a new type of steel that combines new processes, new materials, and new innovations. One of the frontiers of steel in the world. What is its specific use?
Weathering steel (that is, atmospheric corrosion-resistant steel) has been able to sustainably develop and innovate after being integrated into new modern metallurgical mechanisms, new technologies and new processes, and is one of the series of steel grades at the forefront of world super steel technology. Weathering steel is made of ordinary carbon steel with a small amount of corrosion-resistant elements such as copper and nickel added. 8 times, and the paintability is 1.5~10 times that of ordinary carbon steel, which can be used in thinning, bare or simplified painting. The steel has the characteristics of rust resistance, corrosion resistance and longevity of components, thinning and consumption reduction, labor saving and energy saving, which benefit component manufacturers and users. At present, the elite talents who manufacture this type of steel are also scarce in my country at present. At present, there are many talents in weathering steel, such as Iron and Steel Talent Network. Weathering steel products are used to manufacture structural parts such as containers, railway vehicles, oil derricks, seaport buildings, oil production platforms, and containers containing hydrogen sulfide corrosive media in chemical and petroleum equipment.

It is characterized by a low-alloy structural steel with a protective rust layer that is resistant to atmospheric corrosion and can be used to manufacture steel structures such as vehicles, bridges, towers, and containers. Compared with ordinary carbon steel, weathering steel has better corrosion resistance in the atmosphere. Compared with stainless steel, weathering steel has only a small amount of alloying elements, such as phosphorus, copper, chromium, nickel, molybdenum, niobium, vanadium, titanium, etc., the total amount of alloying elements is only a few percent, unlike stainless steel, which reaches 100%. Tens of tenths, so the price is relatively low.

Its main uses are divided into the following points: ①High-performance weathering steel and refractory steel can reduce the maintenance cost of steel structures, and provide a new solution for solving fire and corrosion problems of exposed unprotected steel structures, such as high-voltage electrical towers ②The production and installation process of fire-resistant weathering steel is basically the same as that of conventional steel, and the design method is the same as that of ordinary steel structures, but more test verification is required. Weathering steel can also be used for floor decks

Weathering steel is the star of the modern construction industry. It stands out in the steel market and is deeply loved by consumers. It is believed that more steels like weathering steel will appear in the future.

Post time: Mar-23-2022